Why Women Find Musicians And Athletes Attractive

Most women have an ideal man they always create in their minds or have already seen somewhere. The qualities and personalities they want a man to have and from this perspective the best formula for attracting women is if a guy has all or at least these three things money, fame, and good looks.

Most musicians and athletes tend to have all the three qualities which make women view them as gold and can absolutely do anything to get their attention.

A regular guy with just good looks may not attract many women but he can overcome these using other ways such as personality and approach but if you have good looks, money, and popularity you don’t have to worry about your approach or personality and this is where musicians and athletes have the benefit.

Genetic Advantage

Women associate musical talent and athletic capability with genetic advantage as well as intellectual ability. Besides these two types of men are financially able which is an added advantage as they can provide women with what they want because most women love good providers as they feel secure and well taken care of.

Musicians and athletes are super confident. They always show that they own the stage and are confident in what they are doing which makes women go crazy because no woman wants a shy man.

Women being emotional beings tend to love musicians because they are dealing with feelings and emotions while making and performing their music. While feeling normally plays a big role in sexually attracting a woman hence the musician guy is basically dealing with the same thing that affects the sexual desire of a woman.


Another quality is that musicians tend to be very creative and if the guy can play instruments such as guitar it becomes a plus as women want men who can melt and soothe their hearts. Strong appeal especially while playing instruments gives them the stage presence and causing them to stand out from the rest


On the other hand, a man’s athlete prowess is positively identified in their good looks, general health, strength, and vigor as well as personality characteristics such as being competitive making then catchy in the eyes of women. Good performing male athletes are mostly rated as attractive due to their endurance and masculinity thus considered as successful in reproduction or as most women will put it “good in bed”. Of course, athletic skill is a combination of genetics and experience.

Practice and Determination vs Genetics

Even with the right genetics, nobody can become good at music or sports without years of focused practice. Almost anybody can become good at sports or music through practice and determination, and finding the right people to learn from. You can learn sports at a site like this, and you can learn music from talented musicians here for free.

Even though the two may attract women because of fame, money, and looks there is still more to that. Athletes get the girls because they have leadership qualities and cocky attitude which most women admire them as they want men who can lead them and make them feel safe.

On the other hand, musicians attract girls because of their mystery and depth which makes them more romantic, passionate and can cause women to go crazy over them. Different women can get attracted to different men not just to athletes and musicians and whoever a woman likes is worthy of her heart. What really matters is how they feel about each other and what makes them more compatible.