The Best Jazz Bars In Toronto

Toronto is one of the few large cities in Canada that exhibits a rich cultural background. If you love jazz music, this might be a destination that will make you stick around for some extra days on your vacation, or you might just stick around for good!

Numerous Toronto bars offer you live jazz performances every evening. Some of the best include:

The Jazz Bistro

It is the newest location in Toronto that is satisfying the audience beyond their expectations. It is a place that does not only give you incredible Jazz performances but also attractive surroundings and tasty foods. If you want to experience a new taste of jazz, just make a point of visiting this joint that is located at the Victoria Street.

Gate 403 Bar and Grill

Located in the in the downtown areas of Toronto, Gate 403 proves to be a must-visit jazz joint. The jazz bar gives the customers world-class live jazz music. It is a good pub that provides the customers with dancing grounds and intimate candlelit caverns for the specific individuals with reservations.

The Rex Hotel

It is a jazz joint that has dominated Toronto for the last 40 years. Located along the Queen Street, the bar and hotel can provide the customers with more than fifteen live jazz bands per week. (Want to be one of them? Start with some vocal lessons here or learn to play the saxophone here 🙂 ) The jazz club also gives numerous offers to their esteemed customers who love jazz music.

Hugh’s Room

If you love quiet music during dinner time, this is the best venue for you in Toronto. It is located along Dundas Street. The Hugh’s Room has been in existence since 1990, and it has grown into a large jazz empire that gives the customers incredible performances from Ron Sexmith, Bruce McCulloch, and Judy Collins just to mention some.