Best Jazz Bars in Montreal

Montreal is known to host one of the largest jazz festivals in the world and as such, the Montreal Jazz Festivals have become quite famous among jazz fans.

Attendants of these festivals normally get to choose over hundreds of concerts that are spread out all over Montreal in a period of 10 – 11 days. The festivals have led to a steady growth of the jazz bars in Montreal making the city famous for having some of the best jazz bars worldwide that attract a lot of jazz fans from all over even when there are no festivals held.

Below are the best jazz bars in Montreal which any jazz fan should make a point of visiting whenever he/she is in the city.

1. Diese Onze Jazz Club.

Upon entering this bar, you are likely to get a feeling of intimacy and relaxation as you get comfortable in this romantic and snug underground jazz club. The music itself is very lively with all types of jazz performances such ass classic jazz, French jazz, big band jazz.

The food there is also exquisite and available on reasonable pricing though the menu is not English so you may need someone to translate it for you. It is not that big however and tends to get a bit overcrowded due to its popularity so you might want to get there early to reserve good seats. The bar is located at 4115 Rue Saint Denis and can be contacted by phone at +1 514-223-2543.

2. Upstairs Jazz Bar and Grill.

This bar is quite popular in Montreal and also known to have intimate seats close to the stage allowing you to watch your favorite jazz musicians perform up-close. The line-up of musicians is quite extensive with all sorts of jazz performances available each night with amazing acoustics that make sure any noise coming from other tables does not interfere with your relaxing night out.

The food is somewhat appealing but you are advised to watch out for what you order and stick to the standards. The bar is located close to Bell Centre and Crescent Street at 1254 Rue Mackay and you can make reservations at +1 514-931-6808.

3. Modavie Resto Bar.

When walking into this bar, you will notice how the building has an old and beautiful look, different from modern parts of the city as it looks like it is well maintained since long. This bar is well known for its amazing food as it offers some of the best and exquisitely made food in the area with incredible service as well.

The music as well is great with live performing jazz artists who complete the ambiance of the bar perfectly ensuring the attendants enjoy one of the most memorable moments yet. The bar is located at 1 Rue Saint-Paul O and reservations can be made at +1 514-287-9582.

While there are indeed many other fantastic jazz bars, the top three mentioned above should be consisted as the top most jazz bars in Montreal which anyone who is around the city should pay a visit to at least once. If you are in the city, make your reservations today to ensure that you get a lifetime of fun and fulfilling memories of Montreal.

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